Green Park Housing specialises in full tenancy, property and lease management services. Our approach to collaborative working enables us to develop the best solution for an area’s needs, expertly considering available resources, assets, budgets and time frames.

Green Park Housing have a long history of working with vulnerable occupant groups, with the experience to coordinate services and effectively communicate with support agencies and third sector providers.

Our clients include many local authorities across the UK and we seek to provide innovative private rented sector solutions to help alleviate the ever increasing pressures on public sector housing.

Our work combines a positive and caring approach to all occupants, delivering with the commercial disciplines of the private sector. Our teams are selected from a range of diverse backgrounds which allows us to combine our personal experiences and tackle the most difficult of situations with tailored solutions.

This blend of skills has allowed us to grow considerably and become one of the exemplar managers of private sector leasing properties in the UK. However we are very aware of the need to continuously develop our approach and refuse to rest on our achievements. Client requirements are ever changing, and so must we be.