This service facilitates access to the private rented sector to clients who otherwise may be excluded from obtaining a private tenancy. The lack of a tenancy deposit, reference or being on DWP benefits restricts access to many people who would otherwise be able to sustain a private tenancy. Failure to access a tenancy often results in a homeless presentation to the local authority.

Green Park’s Temporary Accommodation service works by offering landlords guaranteed rent and helps bring them together with suitable tenants backed up by the benefits of a professional tenancy and property management service.

Benefits to local authorities

  • Homelessness prevention initiative
  • Cost effective use of existing supply
  • Increases scope of housing options service
  • Removes barriers to the private rented sector
  • Makes the housing advice / option service more diverse and accessible

Benefits to tenants

  • Provides access to the private rented sector
  • Improves choice
  • Opens the housing market to a wider audience

We understand that exceptional management is the key to making any property investment successful.